In 2021, Seeyond received the French SRI label for 6 equity funds, accounting for twbillion of assets under management1, managed according to Seeyond’s Minimum Volatility2 and Factor Investing3 approaches integrating ESG criteria in the security selection and portfoliconstruction. As of 31/12/2021, it represents 43% of the company’s equity assets under management and 26% of its total assets1.

Created in 2016, by the French ministry of Economics and Finance, the SRI label aims tenable investors tidentify the investment funds implementing a robust social and responsible investment (SRI) methodology, leading to concrete and measurable results. For more information:

This Label materializes the approach to “Responsible Investment” Seeyond has initiated since it became a subsidiary in 2018. Its commitment resulted in:
  • Formalizing the company’s commitment as responsible investor by becoming a UNPRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) 4 Signatory as soon as December 2018
  • Continuously looking to improve its commitment as an investor
    • Creation of the first fund managed with an ESG integration approach in 2017
    • Definition of proprietary exclusion policies and their enhancement
    • Strengthening of the active ownership policy
  • Exploring new ways to integrate extra-financial criteria in line with the specificity of its portfolimanagement processes
  • An annual training plan setting the objective ttrain all its employees on ESG topics every year
  • Adhering tthe French « Forum pour l’Investissement Responsable » in 2021 (Responsible Investment Forum)
  • Receiving the French SRI Label on a number of funds managed by integrating ESG criteria
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1 Source: Seeyond as of 31/12/2021.

2 Stock selection based on risk profiles with the objective to minimize portfolio volatility and optimize the risk return profile. Volatility refers to the extent of change of a financial asset. It can be used as a risk indicator for a financial asset. When volatility is high, the gain expectation is high, but so is the risk of loss.

3 Equity market exposure by actively allocating according to equity characteristics including market behavior, volatility, value, etc.

4 These principles take into account environmental, social and governance issues, so that signatory companies take them into consideration. These issues may come into play at various stages of the signatories' thinking (when making decisions, developing investment policies, etc.). The signatories of these principles are evaluated and given scores.

References to a ranking, label, award and/or rating do not prejudge the future performance of the fund or the manager.

ESG integration refers to the inclusion of ESG issues in the analysis and investment decisions. The approach to ESG integration varies from fund to fund. ESG integration does not necessarily imply that investment vehicles also seek to generate a positive ESG impact.

For more information on the approach to exclusions, please visit the following website:

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