The recent tragedies in the US are part of a broader global problem, as evidenced by the rallies and protests that have spread around the world. Every individual and firm has a role to play in the solution, which starts with an honest assessment of where we are now and how far we have to go.
We can and we will do more. If we each do our part, both collectively and individually, we can make a difference.
Jean Raby Jean Raby

Chief Executive Officer
Natixis Investment Managers

Recent events in the United States have reminded us that racial discrimination is still very prevalent, despite decades of efforts to raise consciousness and address this problem. The images that many of us have seen are heartbreaking and create both sadness and anger. Most of us have seen these images knowing we don’t face such discrimination, but we should all be reminded that for some of our colleagues these images reflect real issues they face regularly and personally. Not surprisingly, the events in the United States have led to a wave of demonstrations across the globe, not only as an expression of solidarity, but also as a catalyst to draw attention to similar tragedies that have unfolded in communities around the world, as the issue of racial discrimination is not confined by geography.

Voices are again being raised demanding more change and action. Despite attempts to address these issues over the years, for many those efforts must sound quite hollow, given these tragedies continue to occur. As a firm and as individuals, we can and should ask ourselves what we can do about this. Visibly the answer is not straightforward. But we should not be daunted by the vastness of the problem. At the very least, I do know that speaking up is an essential prerequisite. That being conscious of the ravage of racial discrimination and inequality is a necessary mindset for each of us to then make, in our own way, a contribution to the building of a more equal and just society. That showing respect to our fellow citizens, without racial or other biases, is the foundation of a diverse and inclusive environment.

Diversity is a core part of our culture that underpins our multi-affiliate business model, and we are committed to continue to act upon it: building a diverse workforce, fostering an inclusive environment where every individual can be themselves, every voice is heard, every person is valued, and every associate has an equal opportunity to advance. Though much of our internal discussions about diversity have been focused on gender, our efforts are much broader than that. However, recent events are a reminder of the need to step up our efforts on racial and ethnic diversity going forward, and to that end we are engaging with various employee groups to identify and develop initiatives we could take in this regard. We can and we will do more. And we will report back to you on our efforts. If we each do our part, both collectively and individually, we can make a difference.

Jean Raby
CEO, Natixis Investment Managers