One of the two Co-Portfolio Managers for the Japanese Equity Bottom-Up Product, Katsuaki Furutachi (Age 61), retired on April 30, 2023, after more than 24 years of distinguished service at Asahi Life Asset Management Co (ALAMCO). Mitsuru Teshigahara (Age 52), Executive Officer and Head of Research & Investment Department, who has been closely working with Mr. Furutachi for many years and is currently the other Co-Portfolio Manager for this product, will continue his role as a solo Portfolio Manager, effective May 1, 2023.

Mitsuru Teshigahara joined ALAMCO in 1997 and he has been with the Natixis Japan Equity team since 2002. In preparation for Mr. Furutachi’s departure due to mandatory retirement age, ALAMCO carried out the internal succession plan in the past few years, as Mr. Teshigahara succeeded the role of Mr. Furutachi as the head of the team, and he is now also responsible for the management of two large Japanese public pension accounts.