Natixis Canada is pleased to announce we are implementing a flat fee structure to eliminate the need for tier movements for investors holding fee-based series of the Natixis Canada funds (currently Series F and Series HF). The new fee structure, shown below, will lower fees by 5-25 basis points (0.05-0.25%) for existing Series F investors.

These changes will be affected in three ways:

  1. Reduction of fees on Series F of certain Natixis Canada funds.
  2. Consolidation of Series F in HF of certain Natixis Canada funds, which will then become Series F.
  3. Closure of Series HF of certain Natixis Canada funds.

Following these changes, investors in the Series F securities of the Natixis Funds will receive the lowest fee available for the fee-based series, regardless of account size. The change goes into effect on June 4, 2018.

In addition, we are also eliminating the annual contingent tax management fee associated with all series of the Compound Growth class of each of the Natixis class funds.

No action is required from advisors or investors as a result of these changes.

New Pricing Model: Series F

LS Global Corp Bond EN2

Global Equity EN2


For a grid of the management fee changes, click here.

In addition, Natixis Canada is making a number of other changes to its fund lineup. For a full explanation of the changes, click here to see the press release.

Contact your Natixis representative with any questions or for more information about these changes.