Managing Fixed Income Allocations in a Rising Rate Environment

Research suggests some fixed income allocations may need to be readjusted to align with a rising interest rate environment.

What’s Fueling Global Markets?

Inflation, rising rates, volatility and Brexit: Market strategists discuss factors and trends fueling today’s global markets.

Reflections on the Stock Market Correction

Chief Investment Strategist Dave Lafferty shares his views on recent market volatility and what investors might be able to expect moving forward.

Canadian Preferred Shares Mixed in December From Illiquid Conditions

Illiquid conditions, two new issues, and strength of the floating rate sector were part of a mixed market performance scenario in December.

Good Investor Demand Pushed Preferred Share Prices Higher and Yields Lower in November

Good investor demand pushed preferred share prices higher and yields lower in November, while two new issues came to market.

Understanding Why Stock Market Volatility Has Been Muted

Steady economic expansion and strong corporate profit growth, along with low price correlation across individual stocks, have driven realized stock market volatility to record lows.

Good Investor Demand Push Preferred Share Prices Higher in October

Preferred share prices moved higher in October, driven by lack of new issues, lower bank issuance concerns, and solid investor demand.

4 Reasons Why the VIX May Double in the Next Year

Identifying key factors and risks that could cause stock market volatility to increase in the coming months.

Preferred Share Market Enjoyed a Strong Month in September as Investors Focused on the Favourable Economic Conditions

Favourable economic conditions, a BOC interest hike, and good corporate creditworthiness translated into a strong preferred shares market for September.

Preferred Share Market Declined in August as Risk-Off Sentiment Permeated Most Financial Markets

Risk-off sentiment across global markets, driven primarily by geopolitical tensions, led to a decline in the preferred shares market in August.

World Faces Aging Population and Retirement Funding Burdens

Aging population and economic growth trends challenging how investors worldwide approach retirement funding.