Late Cycle Investing: Focus on Flexibility and Diversification

Senior Investment Strategist Esty Dwek offers insight on portfolio strategy in the late stages of the economic cycle.

Poise Under Pressure: David Herro Decodes Stock Market Unrest

Stock market turbulence may not reflect business fundamentals and could represent value opportunities for active managers.

Rising Rates and Duration Risk

Senior Investment Strategist Esty Dwek discusses duration risk associated with rising rates.

Why Investors Should Be Cautious, Not Bearish

Amid Fed rate increases, EU economic tensions, and the US-China trade war, insights on where markets may be headed and how investors might prepare.

Shaping the New Geopolitical World Order

Jean Raby, CEO of Natixis Investment Managers, and Ayo Akinwolere, Master of Ceremonies, preview the topics and trends that will be discussed at the Natixis Investment Managers Summit.

  • November 2, 2018
Fixed Income Amid Rising Rates: Challenges and Opportunities

Loomis Sayles Fixed Income Manager Matt Eagan, CFA® shares insights on navigating the current fixed income markets.

The “Easy Money” Has Been Made

Analyzing market headwinds and tailwinds via business fundamentals may provide investors some insights into where they might be headed over the short term.

Preferred Shares Moved Higher in August, Helped by an Absence of New Issues for the Third Month in a Row

The protectionist trade policies of the U.S. administration that were a major theme in most financial markets during August were largely ignored by preferred shares.

Crowded at the Top? Looking at Index Concentration

With talk of the tech stocks rampant the last few years, a look at index concentration and its potential impact for investors.

Canadian Preferred Share Market Moves Higher In July, Enjoying The Best Gains In Several Months

A rate increase by the Bank of Canada, rising bond yields, and absence of new issue supply were contributing factors in the good result.

Accounting for Intangible Assets: The New Value Investing

Harris Associates believes that the most significant investments firms are making today are value-creating intangible assets like intellectual property.

  • September 4, 2018
Preferred Shares in a Rising Rate Environment

Find out how preferred shares may perform in a rising rate environment.

Recession Watch

A look at the potential path of the global economy, potential headwinds to growth, and the likelihood of a recession in the near-term.

Midyear Global Macro Outlook 2018

Perspectives on how global growth, trade, geopolitics and central bank policies may affect investor portfolios.

2018 Midyear Update and Outlook

Clouds on the horizon: five capital market story lines to watch in the second half of 2018.

Managing Fixed Income Allocations in a Rising Rate Environment

Research suggests some fixed income allocations may need to be readjusted to align with a rising interest rate environment.

Reflections on the Stock Market Correction

Chief Investment Strategist Dave Lafferty shares his views on recent market volatility and what investors might be able to expect moving forward.

Canadian Preferred Shares Mixed in December From Illiquid Conditions

Illiquid conditions, two new issues, and strength of the floating rate sector were part of a mixed market performance scenario in December.

Good Investor Demand Pushed Preferred Share Prices Higher and Yields Lower in November

Good investor demand pushed preferred share prices higher and yields lower in November, while two new issues came to market.

Preferred Share Market Declined in August as Risk-Off Sentiment Permeated Most Financial Markets

Risk-off sentiment across global markets, driven primarily by geopolitical tensions, led to a decline in the preferred shares market in August.