Three Top Investor Concerns for 2022

A panel of Portfolio Managers share varying views on cryptocurrency, inflation, and the Great Resignation.

At a recent 2022 Institutional Investor Outlook event in New York City, Natixis Investment Managers’ Center for Investor Insight Executive Director, David Goodsell, uncovered survey findings on evolving needs, asset allocation moves, and key concerns of institutions heading into the new year. In this video, a panel of portfolio managers and a research director offer up perspectives on key investor concerns of a cryptocurrency correction, inflation, and the Great Resignation.

  • Michael Acton, Head of Research, AEW Capital Management
  • Andrea DiCenso, Portfolio Manager, Alpha Strategies, Loomis, Sayles & Company
  • Amber Fairbanks, Portfolio Manager, Global Sustainable Equities, Mirova
  • Jack Janasiewicz, Portfolio Manager, Lead Portfolio Strategist, Natixis Investment Managers Solutions
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