Investment Managers & Capabilities


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  • Founded:  2010
  • Headquartered:  Paris, France
  • Expertise:  Smart Beta, Responsible Investment Solutions
  • AUM: USD 10.1B as of March 31, 2024

Ossiam is a specialist asset manager that targets investment solutions tailored to clients' specific needs. It uses rule-based strategies, developed and managed in-house, which make use of transparent and liquid vehicles, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Ossiam funds use alternatively weighted indexes, also known as smart beta, applied to a range of financial asset classes.

Assets under management (“AUM”) as of March 31, 2022. AUM, as reported, may include notional assets, assets serviced, gross assets, assets of minority-owned affiliated entities and other types of non-regulatory AUM managed or serviced by firms affiliated with Natixis Investment Managers.