The $44 Trillion Ecological Opportunity

Featuring: Amber Fairbanks, Mirova US

Despite the pandemic, focus on socially responsible and sustainable investing continues to gain momentum globally. Shareholder activism is at all-time highs, and both companies and investors are increasingly pushed (or punished) toward socially responsible behaviour. According to a recent report published by the World Economic Forum, over half of global GDP is threatened by ecosystem destruction. As fiduciary investors, what does this mean for our equity investments?

Amber Fairbanks, CFA® offers her perspectives as a portfolio manager at Mirova, an investment manager dedicated to sustainable investing through a conviction-driven approach.

  • $44 trillion of global GDP at risk – The evolving investment case for ESG/sustainability factors
  • Quantitative vs qualitative – What can we reliably measure?
  • Making sense of developments in sustainable benchmarks and reporting
  • Stakeholder capitalism, stewardship and their impact on fundamental analysis